Filter Bag Housing

 Feature :  

Chamber Material
SUS304; SUS316; SUS316L (option)
O-Ring Material
EPDM ; VITON ; SILICONE ; Teflon Encapsulated Viton (option)
Inlet/Outlet Material
PT / JIS 10K Flange / ANSI 150 Flange (option)
Surface Finish
Inside : Pickling ; Food-Grade Polished (option)
Outside: Electro-polishing

**Applications: Food Process water, Electronic, Fish Hatcheries, Sewage Treatments, Water  Reclamation, Cooling Towers, Cosmetics Manufacturers,  petrochemical plant, Pharmaceutial, Chemical


    Top Loading High Pressure Single Bag Filter Housing

    *  Upper lid with positioning groove and  interlocking bolt with the lock notch
        which ensure precise installation and firm assembly.
    *  4 interlocking bolts provide stronger grip than traditional 3 interlocking bolts
    *  Innovated upper lid locating orientation prevents water spill.
    *  Upper lid hinge with fixture which prevents tilt over and collision.


     Side Loading  High Pressure Single Bag Filter Housing


    * Eye Bolt Closure System - The user friendly, cost effective applications and 
    * Designed with a proven swing eye-bolt closure mechanism;
    * Fit bolt to the V-groove on the cover plate;
    * Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation


    Side Loading Low Pressure Single Bag Filter Housing

    Features & Benefits
    * 304 or 316 stainless steel construction for best chemical compatibility and corrosion
    * Low pressure drops, high filtration efficiency.
    * Electro-polished external housing for superior finish.
    * Easy access ..
    * Two Clamps design, easily installation


    High Flow Rate Multi-Bags Filter Housing 

    The PCBM multi-bag filter are designed to handle those high flow applications where a single bag unit is not sufficient. Our multi-bag system enables high flow through a single unit like the smaller size filtering vessels. These standard 150 spi units have capacity ranging from 2 to 12 baskets with flanged inlet/outlet piping ranging in size from 3 to 10 inches.